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Welcome to the Cal Poly Arab Music Ensemble! Vocalists and instrumentalists of all skill levels are welcome. Previous experience is not required, and participation is open to all students and community members.

Ensemble members may sing or play traditional or adapted instruments, e.g., oud, violin, qanun, nay, riqq, daff, darabukka/tabla, bass, cello, accordion, piano, guitar, reed instruments, and additional percussion. In addition to the choir and orchestra, advanced members may have the opportunity to perform as a soloist or in a chamber ensemble as well.

The ensemble performs the art and popular music of a wide range of Arabic-speaking societies as well as selected seminal pieces from the larger culturally interconnected region. Members learn the melodic and metric modes of composed genres and improvisational forms that include some of the oldest continuously performed art music traditions in the world.

Performances include a formal concert at the end of each quarter in addition to optional shows on and off campus for special occasions. Coordination with a troupe of dancers adds greatly to the formal concerts.

Rehearsals each quarter:

Students enroll in MU 188 for the first time taking the course. Thereafter, MU 188 is for lower division and MU 388 is for upper division.

If you’re interested in joining the Cal Poly Arab Music Ensemble, please fill out the following form. Dr. Habib will contact you soon and will be able to answer any questions you have about joining.

If you have any problems completing this form, contact Dr. Habib at 805-756-2741 for assistance.

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